When the dust cleared, Michigan State won 75-71 (but did lose two games later, in overtime, to Georgia Tech).

And since we're on the topic, how about a list of the No. 15 seeds who knocked off their No. 2 seed suckers: Richmond in 1991, Santa Clara in 1993, Coppin State in 1997, Hampton in 2001 and Lehigh (over Duke) and Norfolk State (over Missouri) this year.

Colonial Life Arena, Center, Columbia South Carolina

No. 2: Some real controversy

We're not talking about a bad call here. The tournament brings together practically every faction of the U.S. community, and this is bound to cause some head-butting. So though we keep the rest of this article fun and light, one fact about a more serious topic is appropriate.

One stadium, though well-suited and even built for the purpose of hosting tournament games, has been made ineligible to do so.

What's the beef? Well South Carolina, where the arena in question -- Columbia's 18,000-seat Colonial Life Arena -- is located, is proud of their history. So they sport a Confederate battle flag on a soldiers' memorial nearby on the South Carolina Statehouse grounds.

Amid protests during 2002 tournament games at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, S.C., the NCAA recognized the requests of the NAACP and the Black Coaches Association by banning the state, and thus both the Bi-Lo Center and the Colonial Life Arena, from hosting any further tournament games.

DePaul University old basketball logo

No. 1: De-aPauling

Can you imagine having the prestige of having a coveted No. 1 seed and losing your first game? OK, OK. It's true that a No. 16 seed has never beaten a No. 1, BUT, pre-1985, top seeds got first-round byes. And some did lose in the second round -- their first game.

Now enters this bit of trivia. No. 1-seeded DePaul University lost its opening, second-round game to UCLA in 1980. Bummer. But there's always next year, right?

Indeed, they came back, secured a No. 1 seed and ... lost again, this time to St. Joseph's. Ugh! Finally, in 1982, the school's third consecutive year as a No. 1 seed, they went all Buffalo Bills on us and lost a third straight opening game, this time to Boston College.

Unfortunately, for DePaul, a great streak of conference titles and a stack of wins will always be followed up with a, "yeah, but ..."