The U.S. men's soccer team advanced to the round of 16 on Thursday, despite a 1-0 loss to Germany, and fans from all over Jacksonville came together in the middle of a work day to see their team play.

Fionn MacCool's at the Jacksonville Landing was jam packed with fans. Lunch breaks may have gone a little bit longer, say 90 minutes.

And a letter written by Team USA coach Jurgen Klinsmann may have helped out a bit.

"He said how much the USA needs the support of everybody in the U.S. to win, and that if everybody could be excused (from work), it's your civic duty, and that the bosses should come and join you, too, which our boss is coming," said Bridget Brammer. "So we've got the note, we put our names on it and we've been excused."

While some folks stayed in work apparel, others decked themselves out USA style. One man dressed as Captain America.

"Captain America always wins," he said.

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Although Team USA didn't win or draw, neither Portugal nor Ghana knocked the U.S. out of position, leaving their entrance into the round of 16 open.

Some fans, however, said the last two minutes of the game was a slight heartbreaker.

"It's one of those things where I knew we were in, but man it would feel good to just get a tie against Germany to realize that, hey, this is the top team left in the tournament and we were able to play even with them," said Daniel Mull. "It's disappointing, but we're still through. However, you live to play another day. That's all that counts."

The U.S. will play next at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday.