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Jeri Kreier cares about confidence

Jeri Kreier is spotlighted in Mom's Corner this week. She manages the concessions stand for the Oakleaf Knights, and also cares about how players grow and gain confidence on and off the field.

Lori Amos works in school and on the field

Lori Amos has been on the Yulee team for ten years. Her son now plays for the Hornets and she says what the players do matters more than just in the classroom.

Community comes together to help

School spirit comes up each week but what says school spirit more than a community coming together to help one of their own who is in need? Joy Pichardo is on the staff of the Cardinals and she is battling cancer. All of the proceeds from the game will go to help her pay for her treatment.

Dawn Dayao loves watching her team grow

This week in our Mom's Corner Dawn Dayao says her favorite part is watching the boys grown into men. She also says its very important to be there the players.

Jill McKenzie plays hurt

This week in our Mom's Corner Jill McKenzie loves football so much she records the games even when she has a hurt finger.

Tisha Money hawks spirit wear

Tisha Money is the mom of the week this week. She is with the Menedez Athletic Boosters and her son is a sophomore on the team.

Mom's not afraid to talk Smack!

In this weeks Mom's Corner we speak with Carrie Walsh, and she tells us she likes to talk smack with her students and ball players.

Mom sells tickets so others can watch

Jayne Loscuitto has sold tickets at the front booth for 19 years and is retiring after this season.

Cheer mom coaches daughter, teammates

Annette Bowland has coached her daughter as a cheerleader and will now cheer for her son, who is a freshman.

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