Mom's Corner Archive

Celena Blunk is always high energy

Celena Blunk is in our Mom's Corner this week. She is the mother of a JV football player and Varsity cheerleader. She also runs the concessions for the game.

Concession Queen

Teresa Toler is in our Mom's Corner this week. She is the concessions and booster manager and is known as the "Concession Queen."

Cheryl Hughes team mom for senior class

Cheryl Hughes is in our spot light for moms corner this week. She is a Providence math teacher and the team mom to the whole senior class!

Carol Perry is the ultimate team mom

Carol Perry is responsible for the ever important "snack bags" for the team and frequently buys lunch or dinner for the entire team. She took over the job two years ago and hasn't looked back since.

Robbin Williams is President of Touchdown Club

Robbin Williams is highlighted this week in our Mom's Corner. She is the president of the Touchdown Club and works concessions to raise money for the football team.

Lizette Morales-Chomicki keeps on cheering

Lizette Morales-Chomicki is our Mom's Corner mom. She is a Mother's Huddle, she feeds the team, the fans and offers face painting for the Camden County Wildcats.

Jeri Kreier cares about confidence

Jeri Kreier is spotlighted in Mom's Corner this week. She manages the concessions stand for the Oakleaf Knights, and also cares about how players grow and gain confidence on and off the field.

Lori Amos works in school and on the field

Lori Amos has been on the Yulee team for ten years. Her son now plays for the Hornets and she says what the players do matters more than just in the classroom.

Community comes together to help

School spirit comes up each week but what says school spirit more than a community coming together to help one of their own who is in need? Joy Pichardo is on the staff of the Cardinals and she is battling cancer. All of the proceeds from the game will go to help her pay for her treatment.

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