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Sticking with the team

Denise Beebe's son played Fleming Island football, and even though he graduated last year, she still runs the concession stand, as she's done for years.

Funnel cake, anyone?

Clay High School mom Kim Barker takes us on a tour of Clay's band, where her daughter plays the trumpet. She also shows off a popular treat from the concession stand. Check out their funnel cakes!

Community opens arms to new Yulee mom

This year is Rhonda Miles's first year in Yulee. She says the players, coaches, and community has made her feel welcomed. Even after her son, Henri, graduates at the end of the year, she plans to stay.

Veteran mom

Debra Landrum has been at the school for 15 years, and she loves to interact with people.

Two moms, one cause

Moms Donna Lawson and Kristen Alford were joined at the hip to help their daughters on the dance team.

Gallitz helps raise funds for hospitalized player

While players give their all on the field, Sherry Gallitz gives her all to raise funds for #17 Aubrey Thompson. Thompson was hospitalized after being injured in a car accident.

Mom's Corner

Juanita Newsome is a mother, nurse, college student and still finds time to help run the concession stand for the games.

When your team mom is a clown

Face painting is only one of this proud mother's duties on game night.

Stingray mom's tale of two teams

Beth Shrader's son plays on the Varsity football team at Atlantic Coast, and she works the concession stand on Football Fridays. But she teaches at Mandarin High. So, what will she do when the two schools face off later in the year?

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