THE SOFT EGG: Martin Kaymer now believes he can hit any shot required of him — fade or draw, high or low. He talks often about hitting the "brave" shot, and to do anything else would make him more of a "wimp."

He used the word "wimp" again when talking about how he and Darren Clarke played the 17th hole on Thursday.

All of which led to one question: What's the German word for "wimp?"

"Weiches ei," Kaymer said. "It's soft egg."

A good bogey

John Huh made a bogey on the 17th hole and was elated.

Huh hit his tee shot over the green and into the water. He followed with an aggressive play from the drop area to 3 feet. But as he was taking a practice stroke, his putter nudged the ball. Huh paused, talked to his playing partners and called for an official.

"I don't think the ball moved, so I told rules official if he can check it out, if it moved or not. And it turns out it didn't move," Huh said.

He said his mark on the ball was in the exact same spot, suggesting that it wobbled but returned to the same spot. Officials confirmed that was the case, and Huh rapped it in for a bogey. Had it moved, he would have had to replace it with a one-shot penalty.

"I got away with a bogey there, even though I had water in my first shot," he said. "And that's what it is on 17, you know?"