Bizarre side effects of this mild January weather

Confused flowers & sneezing & sniffling

Published On: Jan 29 2013 04:21:10 PM EST

Side effects- they are usually associated with medicine,written in tiny font, and about a mile-long description of scary and bizarre things that come as a result of a certain medication.  Well, these side effects aren't as scary- but some of them are bizarre! Side effects of a mild January range from confused flowers to a buggier-than-usual summer.

Temperatures this January in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia have run well above our average temperatures for us for this time of the year.  We've spent over ten days in the 80's for afternoon highs, while our temperatures typically only top out in the low 60's.  We've only gotten down below freezing once so far in 2013, while we average about 4 freezes by this time.  

With such a mild January so far- we've seen some bizarre side effects.  Our azaleas are confused! Those beautiful pink, abundant blooms are everywhere right now- but they are a tad early! The typical blooming months for the average middle blooming azalea are April, May & June.  Other flowers are also beginning to bloom with this early spring-like weather.

If you suffer from allergies- particularly to tree pollens- you may have been surprised by an early arrival of the sneezing & sniffling! The trees are already producing pollen, coating our cars and stuffing some folks up.  Typical pollen season is early Spring.

Cold fronts off to our North and West will bring more seasonal temperatures by the end of the workweek, but the mild trend creeps back into your forecast by Sunday afternoon.