It's a common occurrence for longtime Jacksonville Beach residents -- heavy rains flooding 3rd Street.

Storms on Sunday morning left the area flooded. Garbage could be found swirling above storm drains on side streets.

IMAGES: Heavy rains bring flooding

"It was treacherous. It wasn't very good for a while. It's starting to drain now though," said Kevin Thomas about driving in the area.

Thomas said when the area is that bad, you think twice about going outside.

"Oh, I don't go out when it's like that. Only the people who aren't very smart do that," he said.

Cory Nichols lives on 2nd Street and said other drivers don't always help the situation.

"You get a lot of people in the middle of the night going very fast down this road just to see what kind of wakes they can make in Jeeps and bigger vehicles," said Nichols.

When the rains finally stopped and the flooding subsided, a lot of debris was left in the roadways.

But some good news -- Channel 4 didn't see any cars stalled in the standing water on Sunday.