Don't be fooled and be very watchful to rapidly changing skies this weekend! 

So much to do this weekend, from high-speed boat racing to Concerts in the Park, to Sharks to Suns and there is a huge soccer game planned at the stadium.  Weather will be an overhang to all outdoor activities. 

Additionally, each day's weather will be slightly but uniquely different.  Friday's storms will be potentially more severe and later into the evening hours.  Friday's storms will also be fast moving, sudden to develop, have lots of lightning but move out quickly.  Saturday & Sunday storms will be earlier and more frequent and be slower moving.  This means the rains, lightning may linger causing delays in outdoor activities by 1-3 hours.

This is where I strongly suggest that you download our weather app, if you can, you should so that you can follow the radar and where the biggest storms are...