"The city has all this taxpayer money and they haven't done anything with it," Brown said.

Watching the tropics

Wednesday's round of heavy rain was not driven by any tropical cyclone, but forecasters are monitoring an area of disturbed weather near the Yucatan Peninsula. The National Hurricane Center has given this disturbance a 70 percent chance of development in the next 48 hours and an 80 percent chance of development the next five days.

ANext tropical depression? hurricane reconnaissance plane is scheduled to investigate this system Wednesday afternoon to see if an organized system has formed. If they find a closed area of low pressure, it could be designated as the next tropical depression or Tropical Storm Jerry.

Forecast models don't agree on where the storm may head because there is no distinct center of circulation as defined by the National Hurricane Center yet. Therefore the models are initiating in different places, which ultimately has different trajectories in the long range.

Many of the models eventually quick the system out of the Bay of Campeche toward the west coast of Florida. That could have huge implications on the Jacksonville-area forecast heading into Sunday and Monday.

Even if this system doesn't develop, abundant, torrential rainfall could be the forecast by the end of the weekend.