Full moons have historically been associated with devastating Earthquakes, a few years ago I went through the calendars over the past 100 years and found that most of the biggest Earthquakes were within days of a full moon. Well, this weekend, late this week too, folks may be doubly spooked by this months full moon rising on Friday the 13th!

Actually, it occurs on the night of the 12th (Thursday) at 12:12am EDT on Friday the 13th!

For Jacksonville, best to watch the full moon rise maybe on Friday evening as storms Thursday night may leave skies too cloudy to witness the moon rise. Here are the times of the full moon:

Thursday Evening Moonrise: 8:05pm

Thursday Evening Sunset: 8:29pm

Thursday Night (after midnight) official full moon: 12:12am

Friday the 13th moonrise: 9:05pm