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Multiple ocean rescues mark Memorial Day

As Memorial Day weekend came to a close and the unofficial start of summer kicked off, the dangers associated with the rough conditions that can sometimes occur while people are having fun in the ocean came into stark relief after 10 people were pulled from Jacksonville Beach waters Monday.


Missing man 'loved being around water'

The search for a 52-year-old man missing off the coast of Little Talbot Island was called off for the day just after 3:30 p.m. The man's stepdaughter, who was rescued from the water, says she "lost her best friend."


Search for boy missing in surf called off

Florida Fish and Wildlife says the search for a missing 11-year-old boy last seen in the water on Little Talbot Island ended Sunday afternoon.


Search for missing Jax boater in Miami

A man and woman are being questioned in Miami after the disappearance of a Jacksonville woman in the waters off the South Florida coast.


Staying safe in a road-rage confrontation

With deadly road-rage incidents on the rise, some simple tips and tricks can keep drivers from becoming just another statistic. 


FBI investigates threats against flights

Law enforcement scrambled on a busy long weekend travel day to ensure airplanes were secure after at least 10 anonymous phone calls were made threatening commercial flights.


Police cracking down on U.S. 17 drivers

Several police agencies throughout Clay County are now focusing on U.S. 17 to cut down on traffic violators after a week which saw numerous and sometimes deadly crashes.


Surviving rip current dangers

VIDEO: Channel 4's Vic Micolucci and a Jacksonville Beach lifeguard cautiously went into a rip current last summer while Tropical Storm Arthur was offshore to show you how dangerous rip currents can be and to demonstrate how you can survive one.


Summer fun while staying safe on the water

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start to summer and the boating season, and along with all the people headed out on the water for some fun in the sun, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers will also be hitting the water to make sure boaters have the proper equipment they need to stay safe.


Jaguars OTA's: Questions or Answers?

Sam Commentary: In these workouts we’ll see a lot of players in new positions as Gus Bradley and the coaching staff looks to upgrade wherever they can.


Flags placed in national cemetery

Volunteers place flags on the graves of 9,000 fallen military members in Jacksonville.


Observing Memorial Day around town

PHOTOS: A look at how veterans who lost their lives in service to our country were honored around the area Monday.


Karen Barefoot/SXC

Memorial Day: A history in pictures

As you wrap up the holiday weekend, look back at the history of Memorial Day through old and new images.



On this day: May 25

Goofy makes his debut, Babe Ruth hits his final home run, JFK sets sights on the moon, Ali taunts Liston, "Star Wars" hits theaters, and Oprah signs off, all on this day.


Video: Man tattoos boy, 13, without consent, permit

A man is facing charges after police say he tattooed a teen without parental consent and without a tattoo permit.

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Staying safe in the water as summer kicks off

Memorial Day weekend is generally considered the unofficial start of summer and with it, people hitting the beach and enjoying the water.  But while enjoying the water and especially the beach, officials say staying safe is so important. 

Memorial Day evening weather update

All signs point to beautiful weather for Memorial Day evening,

Police cracking down on U.S. 17 drivers

Law enforcement agencies are increasing patrols along U.S. 17 after several bad accidents in recent days, one of which was fatal.

Eureka Garden may lose section 8 status

A city councilman is pushing to stop the use of section 8 vouchers at the Eureka Garden apartments unless the property owner steps up safety and installs new fencing.  


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