Friday's storm packed a mean punch in Clay County as it knocked out power, toppled trees and pulled down a power pole in the Lake Asbury area.

William Smith told Channel 4 that the strong winds from Friday's storm blew part of the roof off their home. The family was working to remodel the home when the storm hit.

When the storm ripped off the roof of the Smith's mobile home, the family was leaving the hospital with newborn baby, Kali.

"When I saw the roof I was in awe. I didn't really know what was going on," said Williams.

The storm was a surprise to the new dad, who was in the process of renovating the home.

"I guess we needed to get the roof anyway, so we were going to replace the roof, so I guess it kind of helped out," said Williams.

The storm didn't help drivers heading home Friday night on Russell Road. The road was blocked for hours with large chunks of debris; The wind was strong enough to knock down a light pole.

Kim Walker was at a nearby school during the storm's impact.

"I am a teacher at Lake Asbury Junior High School and we got hit there, from what I hear, one of the portables got hit," said Walker. "We lost a window because of hail, it was pretty scary. It was really, really bad lots of wind, couldn't see a thing."

Students at Lake Asbury Jr. High were released from class 15 minutes later than usual Friday.

Storms cause damage in Clay County

Published On: Sep 06 2013 08:26:38 PM EDT

Viewers send in photos of some of the damage in Clay County after Friday's recent storm.

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