A tropical depression that formed Saturday night in the central Atlantic was upgraded Monday morning to Tropical Storm Jerry.

Monday morning the storm was 1,200 east-southeast of Bermuda and expected to meander over the next couple of days -- a danger only to shipping.

Of more interest locally is a low pressure system producing clouds and disorganized showers in the southwestern Caribbean Sea that forecasters say has a small chance of becoming a tropical system this week.

The system, drifting to the northwest, is given a 10 percent chance of growing into a storm in the next 48 hours, but a 30 percent chance over the next five days.   Whether it becomes tropical or not, it is expected to bring locally heavy rainfall and gusty winds to Haiti and Jamaica Monday and spread across the Cayman Islands and eastern Cuba on Tuesday.

National Hurricane Center models show this system moving into the Gulf of Mexico this week.

Channel 4 meteorologist Richard Nunn says regardless of what becomes of this system, it could spell some increased moisture in the Jacksonville-area forecast by the weekend.