It has been quite the Spring with both chilly temperatures, in the 40s, and afternoon highs near or above 90°.  But, the heat never felt all that, as there was something missing... Humidity.  It was a "dry heat" or as I call it, "summer-time light", the lighter, less clingy version of a Jacksonville summer.

That will all change later this week as heat plus humidity will send feel-like temperatures soaring towards 100°.  Yep, most of us will feel the clingy humidity and sweat starting Wednesday and especially Thursday and Friday afternoons.

This all apart of the step by step march into Summer, the next step will be the afternoon and evening sea breeze thunderstorms each day.  Right now the forecast holds the possibility of just that starting on Memorial Day.  Therefore, if you are planning an afternoon BBQ or anything outside on Monday, be prepared to make a quick dash inside.