Jacksonville, Fla - Copyright 2013 -

Severe arctic cold temperatures are spreading rapidly south and eastward, by Saturday morning the nation will experience one of the coldest morning's in more than 20 years. But, not here in Jacksonville, not in Florida.  The extreme cold will be from Los Angeles to Atlanta, Georgia.  Winter storm conditions all throughout the southern and then eastern United States will also be theme of the wintry mess that will spread up the east coast by Sunday.

Anyway, locally in Jacksonville?  Grab your game t-shirts and your light jackets as you head to the game this evening.  Tonight's game will be one of the most pleasant games (in terms of weather) we are likely to experience.  

The afternoon high will be around 80° (and if this was an afternoon game, fans would be sweating it out in the sun) cooling slowly to about 70° inside the stadium (60's outside) by game time.  

You will need a light jacket as you head back to the car as temperatures will cool to around 60° by the end of the game.