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  • When the 'mourning moon' rises, let things go

    By Dhilung Kirat via Wikimedia Commons

    A full moon in November, the last before the winter solstice, has different names and traditions, but they all carry a meaning that signals a time for a change.

    Depending on the culture or heritage, the full moon in November…

    By Kerry Chan-Laddaran special to CNN
  • Mini nor'easter bringing rains and above normal tides

    Coastal flood advisory is in effect as tides are running about 1 foot above normal.  Rain showers are going to splash the area right on through Thanksgiving.

  • Saturday's Cloudy Forecast

    We are waking up cloudy and overcast. Temperatures this morning ranged from the mid 50's to the low 70's to start and will only climb into the mid to upper 70's under overcast skies.

  • Snuggle Alert! Big changes arrive Sunday

    Enjoy your Saturday morning, after that, rains then colder.

  • Busiest travel day of the year should be OK

    The day of the gobbler could be as warm as the cobbler! The cold shot early next week will be lifting out by Turkey Day.  If your travel plans take you across the lower 48, expect mostly smooth conditions nation wide.

Weather Slideshows

Flooding around Jacksonville

Rains left many areas around Jacksonville under water Sunday night and Monday morning. 

Flooding sweeps across Duval, Clay Counties

Heavy rains and tidal surges have swept across Duval and Clay counties causing heavy flooding throughout the area. 


Officials confirm 2 EF-0 tornadoes in near Starke

A severe storm system left behind damage in parts of Northeast Florida on Saturday, particularly in the Bradford County area, where the National Weather Service has confirmed to the Bradford County Sheriff's Office that two EF-0 tornadoes touched down with 85 mile-per-hour winds.

Photo by Lee Holt with Holt Media Productions

Mother nature's weekend light show

Two local photographers were out last weekend capturing shots of lightning and sky conditions as storms moved through Jacksonville. 

Rains coming off Gulf flood Tampa Bay

PHOTO STORY: A mandatory evacuation order is in effect for people living in flood-prone areas near New Port Richey following heavy rain over the weekend. Emergency management officials are also continuing to monitor the situation in low-lying parts of Tampa.

Weather Interactives

Extreme weather: U.S. weather records

Winter storm Cleon is pushing East and is expected to bring snow, ice and low temperatures to most of the U.S. See how the winter storm compares to the largest blizzards and low temps in history.


Find out all you need to know about lightning.


Find out all that you need to know about hail.


Interactive: Learn More About Hurricanes

As Americans prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July, East Coast residents are eyeing a storm that could become a hurricane and dampen their holiday fun. Find out all you need to know about these destructive storms.



Every year, especually in the summer, wildfires char land and threaten or destry property. They burn through forest, grasslands, and other areas. Learn more here.