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  • Hawaii volcano: Lava flow stalls


    The lava flow has slowed, if not stalled altogether.

    Still, authorities warned Thursday that the threat to eastern Hawaii residents -- much like the oozing, simmering, destructive lava itself -- hasn't gone away.


    By Greg Botelho and Martin Savidge CNN
  • Sunday Evening's Forecast

    Expect a gorgeous evening and lovely sunset with crystal clear skies.

  • Wilma anniversary continues to shatter record 9 years later

    It's been 3,287 days. That's exactly nine years since Hurricane Wilma made landfall at Cape Romano, FL, near Naples on October 24th, 2005 with winds exceeding 111 mph. 

  • 'Hanna' could complicate Halloween forecast for Florida

    Could Florida be in for a spooky surprise by Halloween? Here are some of the gruesome details about a newly formed Tropical Depression #9.

  • Beautiful Saturday Forecast

    After a cool start in the mid to low 50s early Saturday morning, expect quite the afternoon warm up. Clear sunny skies and light winds out of the West between 5-10mph make for a rapid warm up. Expect to be in the mid 70s by…

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And more, similar angry cloud from MrzDetermined via Storm Pins.

Images of Tuesday's storm

The strong cold front that devastated the mid-south on Monday passed through northeast Florida on Tuesday afternoon.

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Weekend rains flood Columbia County

PHOTO STORY: Flash flood watches are in effect for Columbia, Baker and Union counties after up to 12 inches of rain fell over 48 hours. Emergency Management officials are warning people to be extra cautious on the roads.

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Andrew Eddy says he and his family have stayed across the street from the ocean for about eight years and this is the worst erosion he’s seen.

Nor'easter takes toll on beaches

The weather hammering the coastline has caused more erosion concerns in St. Johns County, where some South Ponte Vedra Beach homeowners are considering building a seawall to keep the waves from taking more of their property.

The Morning Show anchor Jennifer Waugh shared this image from Ponte Vedra Beach.

Monday's weather images

Reporters and viewers shared photos from around the area as weather rolled in on Monday.


Arthur weakens to tropical storm

Hurricane Arthur made landfall in North Carolina late on July 3, but it did not dawdle over the coastline to vandalize neighborhoods for long. By Friday morning, it had weakened to a Category 1 and was downgraded to a tropical storm on Saturday.

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Extreme weather: U.S. weather records

Winter storm Cleon is pushing East and is expected to bring snow, ice and low temperatures to most of the U.S. See how the winter storm compares to the largest blizzards and low temps in history.



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As Americans prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July, East Coast residents are eyeing a storm that could become a hurricane and dampen their holiday fun. Find out all you need to know about these destructive storms.



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Hurricane Expert George Winterling

  • George Winterling's Eye on Storm blog

    After 49 years as chief meteorologist at WJXT-TV 4, George Winterling is now the station's hurricane expert. During the tropical season, follow his near-daily posts.