It's HOT this afternoon, but check out how cool we are getting tonight

Jacksonville's weather forecast turns cooler & wetter for the weekend

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Today was hot, especially for inland areas.  An onshore breeze kept coastal areas in the more comfortable 80s. The good news? Tonight we are cooling down nicely! With an abundance of dry air, our temperatures will drop pretty quickly out of the 80s and into the 70s. The best part? waking up to the mid to upper 60s Friday morning. 

Expect a refreshing start Friday morning with cool temperatures. Mostly sunny skies do spell a quick warm up. Above average temperatures are expected for the afternoon hours, topping out well into the low 90s. Winds will be lighter, out of the east between 5-10 mph. Friday will be dry, with low to no chances for showers. 

Saturday's forecast will not be a washout, but we will have a round or two of coastal showers wandering onshore. You have 50% chances to see the rain.  Expect  building northeasterly winds in the afternoon hours bring a few coastal clouds onshore. Afternoon temperatures will top out in the upper 80s thanks to the building onshore winds.

Sunday looks cloudier and a little cooler. We wake up to partly sunny skies and will see northeasterly winds between 12-17 mph. Expect 40% chances to see the coastal showers wandering onshore. 

Monday our wetter weather pattern will be in full swing. Expect to wake up in the low 70s and only warm into the mid 80s, expect 50% chances for showers. Tuesday's forecast mirrors Monday's , with mid 80s for a high and 50% chances for showers.

Wednesday will be mostly cloudy with more isolated chances for rain at 30%. 

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