Ways to make the gas in your tank last longer


HARTFORD, Conn. – Every single vehicle that comes through the Consumer Reports auto test track outside Hartford, Conn., goes through two tests to determine how much fuel they use.

Shawn Sinclair, an auto engineer with Consumer Reports explained, "The city course simulates city driving. It's a mile long on our track and we also do a highway course. We go out on one of the highways and run and it's a five mile course."

They don't just check to see which vehicle gets the best gas mileage, they want to know what drivers are doing that really makes a difference. First and foremost, it's maintenance.

"Always check your tire pressure," Sinclair said. "There should be a placard inside of the door."

If it's not there, look in the manual. It will cost you if the tires are underinflated or uneven.

Sinclair also said, "Get the junk out of your trunk. We're going into spring and you may have a coat or bag to take to goodwill. Get that out."

The third thing that forces your car to use more fuel, roof racks. Especially ones you've had added for surf boards or extra luggage. If you want to save money, take them off. Plus, if is says use regular gasoline then don't fill it up with premium.

"Don't go buy premium fuel cause you think your car will run better... stick with what the manufacturer recommends for your car," Sinclair said.

Finally, drive smoothly. Imagine there's a cup on your dash and you're trying not to spill and ease off the accelerator.