The worst automotive brand? Consumer Reports knows

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It's not a list any auto maker wants to be on: Consumer Reports Top 10 worst brands in the automotive world. 

In its April issue, CR released the manufacturers that that get low ratings when it comes to reliability, owner satisfaction, road performance and safety. The worst, according to Consumer Reports? Fiat.

Just like last year, Fiat was at the bottom of the barrel of the 34 brands rated. Fiat scored a 39, while the second-worse, Jeep, had a 48.

To compare, Hyundai's new Genesis luxury division was the best brand, with a score of 81. Besides Fiat and Jeep, other Fiat Chrysler divisions rating in the top 10 worst, included fourth-place Alfa Romeo, eighth-place Dodge and ninth-place Ram. 

Consumer Reports is closely watched because it is notoriously independent when it comes to car evaluations, including buying models from dealers rather than borrowing them from automakers. Then putting those to the test.

Not all Fiat Chrysler models bombed in the surveys and testing. CR praised the Pacifica minivan, which has good initial reliability. It came in number 11 on the best brands list.

As for other brands in the Top 10 worst, Land Rover and Jaguar continued to be struggle. 

Consumer Reports op 10 best brands

  1. Fiat
  2. Jeep
  3. Land Rover
  4. Alfa Romeo
  5. Mitsubishi
  6. Jaguar
  7. GMC
  8. Dodge
  9. Ram
  10. Mini

Consumer Reports 10 best  brands

  1. Genesis
  2. Audi
  3. BMW
  4. Lexus
  5. Porsche
  6. Kia
  7. Subaru
  8. Tesla
  9. Honda