Hyundai's new Palisade will send alert if you forget precious cargo

Oh yeah, it also has 16 beverage cup holders

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Hyundai is adding a new SUV to its lineup and this one is big enough for eight.

The three-row mid-size Palisade is set for release in summer 2019, which Hyundai says will be great for family road trips. It comes as buyers continue to steer away from sedans.

An optional rear occupant alert system is designed to ensure drivers don't forget children or pets in the back of the car by monitoring back seat movement after the driver exits and beeping the horn and sending an alert to the driver's smartphone.

In addition to the extra room, there's a laundry list of extra features that include 16 cup holders (two for each passenger), seven USB charging ports and a wireless charging pad is available.

A roof vent that Hyundai calls an industry-first provides a "focused, partially-diffused or fully-diffused stream of air to rear passengers."

Hyundai's Palisade is once again proof that Americans not only like the practicality and look of SUVs, but the idea of bringing along the creature comforts of home while behind the wheel.

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