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Jacksonville's only mobile tire shop offering free tire checks

Go Mobile Tires participating in National Tire Safety Week

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – National Tire Safety Week runs from May 20-27. 

Go Mobile Tires, Jacksonville's only mobile tire shop, is participating in the national week of safety. 

"Most people on the road don't pay any attention to their tires, unfortunately, and the tires are the most critical part of safety in your vehicle," said Amal Soni, president of Go Mobile Tires. 

AAA estimates more than 2 million Floridians will hit the roads for Memorial Day Weekend -- making this weekend the strongest kick-off to summer travel season since 2005, with 42 million people across the country hitting the roads for the weekend. 

The majority of those travelers will be driving to their destinations, meaning your tires need to be in good shape. Soni said tire pressure and tread depth are often overlooked by drivers. 

"National Tire Safety Week's job is to try to educate the general population in fact that they should be checking their tires regularly at least once a month," Soni said.

There is a simple test you can do right at home to check one of your tire's most important features. 

"To check your tread depth on your tires -- if you take a penny, and you'll notice where Lincoln's head starts from there to the top of the coin is where the minimum tread depth needs to be. So, if you put the coin into the tread like this, and you can see the tread is just touching Lincoln's head, that means these tires, now is time to start shopping for new tires," Soni said. "And if it was any higher and you could see his hair, it means you're too late and you need new tires." 

In honor of National Tire Safety Week, Go Mobile Tires is offering tire checks free of charge, including tire pressure, tread depth and tire inflation. The company said you can come to its location or they can meet you. You can visit Go Mobile Tires' website or its Facebook page.

With the hot temperatures we'll be seeing this weekend, according to Go Mobile Tires, extreme heat can cause your tire pressure to increase. This could lead to over-inflation, changing the shape to your tire.

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