DMV revokes man's 'F.OSAMA' vanity plates

Man says he's had the personalized license plates for 7 years

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After seven years of what he's deemed as inspiring patriotism on the streets of Gloucester, Va., an area man said the state Department of Motor Vehicles has revoked his "F.OSAMA" license plates because they are inappropriate.

Rick Sanders told WAVY-TV that he chose the vanity plates because he is passionate about supporting the nation's military, and doesn't understand all the commotion.

"It can be meant as 'Fight Osama, forget Osama,' whatever you want it to be," Sanders told the TV station.

However, the DMV disagrees.

According to WAVY, Sanders received a letter from the agency saying that he had to return the plates, because the DMV had made an error issuing him plates that violated its guidelines for vanity tags that are "profane, obscene or vulgar in nature."

In a strange twist, Sanders said the letter came with replacement plates that read "6668UP," that he found offensive. He said he read the message as "the devil ate you up."

"I definitely want another plate," Sanders said. "I don't appreciate the plate they sent me. I would like the chance to pick my own."

A representative for the DMV told the TV station that number and letter combinations that appear on its plates are chosen at random. But the agency is willing to work with Sanders until his "vanity" concerns are satisfied.

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