Former Jaguar Donovin Darius shares life lessons at holiday sports camp

Pros, Mayor Mayor Alvin Brown encourage kids on, off field

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The cold weather didn't stop hundreds of kids from heading to EverBank Field to learn from the football pros.

Former Jaguar Donovin Darius hosted Nothing's Out of Bounds, his annual holiday sports camp Saturday. Channel 4's Kumasi Aaron found Darius and the pros share the fundamentals of football.

"I think it's pretty fun. And it kind of motivates you to keep pushing that little bit," said Ryan Kopplin.

With guidance from the pros, some said they were already getting sharper.

"It makes your calves get bigger and it improves on your footwork," said William Guyton.

The camp was free and open to boys and girls ages nine to 14 on a first come, first serve basis.

For the more than 200 kids who participated, the camp isn't just about what they are learning on the field but what they're taking away off the field as well.

The theme of this year's camp is "paying it forward." Before the participants hit the field, Darius talked to the athletes about being champions in sports and in life.

"I have something. It could be money. It could be clothing, could be an item, could be encouragement, could be something, could be a smile, and I want to give it to somebody else to help them," said Darius.

That's the message Darius wanted each participant to leave with, and a message he holds dear to his heart.

"I was blessed to play with the Jaguars. I was blessed to have the affiliation and relationships and now I want to pay it forward and help these parents help these kids with a next level training day experience," said Darius.

It was a message echoed by Mayor Alvin Brown, who stepped in as a camp coach.

"This gives young people an opportunity to be challenged to get them focused, because this is about the game of life," said Brown.

Not only do the athletes leave with sharper skills, but some leave with a gift card to give away to someone else.

"It's really fun, I enjoy coming here. It's a blast," said Ryan Kopplin.