Jaguars unveil brand new jersey

Unveiling comes 2 days before NFL draft

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jaguars unveil their brand new uniforms and helmets for the 2013 season at a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

The unveiling comes just in time for the NFL draft, which begins Thursday.

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The look is a tribute to the community. There are two things about the new uniforms many fans seems to agree with: They really like the military-style logo patch over the heart on the jerseys, and they love the new helmets.

"Military, armed forces are a huge part of the community," Jaguars owner Shad Khan said. "It's a young community. I think the average age is mid-30s, so the uniform reflects that."

From the front...
From the front...

Rebranding the Jaguars has been Khan's goal since he bought the team. This is one of the final steps in that process for him. With a new logo and new uniforms, players are ready for the 2013 season to be here.

"There is a lot of change going on around here, and the uniform just brings a lot of excitement to the season," receiver Cecil Shorts said.

All black uniforms, black tops with white pants, all white, teal tops with white pants, and teal tops with black pants are the potential combinations. Everyone from players to fans has their early favorites.

"Teal with the black pants. That will look exceptional, in my opinion. That's just me though," Shorts said.

"The away white with the teal numbers caught my eye," Jaguars fan Alex Varian said.

The result is designed with a Jags patch and logo over the heard and aggressive styling.
The result is designed with a Jags patch and logo over the heard and aggressive styling.

"Seeing the teal jersey, that might be the best one. It's slick," tackle Eugene Monroe said.

"I think it's cool that that is the primary color right now. Everyone loves that," fan Brett Barley said. "The teal jerseys are nice. The white with the teal numbers, a lot of people were raving about those."

What has everyone talking though are the new helmets -- a new look that the NFL has never seen. It's a flat black in the front, fading into a shiny gold in the back. The unique look definitely created a lot of buzz.

"We are the only team in college or the pros with helmets like that," Varian said. "It's great, it's new, it's innovative, it's fresh. It's something that we needed really."

There has been a lot of buzz on social media about these new uniforms. Some don't like the jerseys at all, some love them, and others say it doesn't matter what the jerseys look like as long as the team wins.

Before the revealing, Sports Mania's general manager said the new jerseys were Jacksonville's best kept secret.

"Oh it's pretty much all everybody has been talking about," Jeff Fingland said. "The excitement for this new jersey is just off the charts."

Sports Mania at the St. Johns Town Center is lined with merchandise showing off the Jaguars' new logo, and now some room on the shelf will have to be made for the brand new jersey.

"As a fan, I can't wait. I think it's going to be great," Fingland said. "The whole revamping of the brand. The whole new look from the logo to the jerseys to everything. I mean I'm a die hard fan and season ticket holder, so I can't wait for all the changes to hit the field."

This was the first time in franchise history the Jaguars changed their logo. At the same time, a new slogan was announced. It's "Stand United," something owner Shad Khan hopes the Jaguars will do when it comes to the new gear.

Fingland said Nike kept the new jerseys very secretive. The store owner has been on the phone with them every day arranging for them to be shipped as soon as possible.

"Primary color is going to be black. They're going to have some teal highlights in it," Fingland said. "They're not going to eliminate the teal, but it's gong to be more of a highlight color. There's probably going to be a little bit of gold in it. They're going to incorporate some of the shield logo, military theme in it. Lots of rumors floating around, but no one knows for sure, so that's part of the excitement part of what keeps it fun."

Sports Mania has a running waiting list for people wanting to buy one when they come in.