Civil Rights Association wants State Attorney removed from case

FCRA calls for Angela Corey's removal from local case


TALLAHASSEE, Fla.The Florida Civil Rights Association has issued a letter to Gov. Rick Scott requesting for State Attorney Angela Corey be removed, and that a special prosecutor be appointed in the shooting death of Jordan Davis on November 23, 2012. 

The two page letter to Governor Scott states that a new Special Prosecutor is needed to "suppress racial tension created in the failed prosecution by Corey and her staff that led to a not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman murder trial of Trayvon Martin."

The letter continues to say that Ms. Corey created the appearance that she will, "not afford the Defendant a fair trial and will not afford the victim and the surviving case a fair opportunity to have their voices heard at trial."

J. Willie David, president of the Florida Civil Rights Association, continued the letter saying, "The Florida Civil Rights Association believes appointing a special prosecutor to replace State Attorney Angela Corey is the right thing to do for the victim, Jordan Davis, and the suspect, Michael David Dunn. The State and Federal constitutions demand public confidence in our criminal justice system with Corey and her staff has failed."

DOCUMENT: Read first part of letter | Read second part of letter

Channel 4 reached out to Angela Corey's office Wednesday night for comment on the Florida Civil Rights Association's letter. Her office simply responded with "no comment."

John Phillips, who represents the Davis family, released a statement calling the petition "sensational," adding:

"The Florida Civil Rights Association never called us, sought our input and yet went to the media with their opinion of what is "best for Jordan." We would hope anyone wanting to draft ANY petition, march, rally or anything else in Jordan's name would seek his family or family's attorney's support.

"The Florida Civil Rights Association did not ask for, and does not have, our support. They seek to remove Angela Corey's office from the case. This is a Jacksonville case, where the Jacksonville officers were on the scene coincidentally when it happened, performed an excellent investigation and the Jacksonville prosecutors were up all night collecting statements and interviewing Jordan's killer.  The wrongs were clear. We have faith in justice, that Jordan will bring change to these laws, heal this country and we ask those with political agendas not use his name in vain or to send a contrary message.

"Ron, Lucy, their families, the other boys and I (John Philips) need your continued support and need your voice but we need to say the same message or our voice will never be heard. We need to change these laws and promote understanding of each other. We need to better the justice process and give voices to the voiceless. We will.