Neighbor wants former meth house demolished

Residents upset uninhabitable home still stands


JACKSONVILLE, Fla.A Westside man said he's fed up with the house next to his. Frank Pagington said the home is a former meth lab and it's slated for demolition, but the demolition hasn't happened and neighbors are upset.

"I made the statement that I would burn the house down, yes I would. I would totally burn it down," said Frank Pagington.

Pagington lives next-door to the abandoned meth house slated to be torn down.

"I have to keep calling to get the lawn mowed," said Pagington. 

Pagington said the home has been abandoned for more than a year. A meth lab was discovered inside the home back in March of 2012. 

The homeowners were sent to prison and now the home is uninhabitable. The home has been darted by the city, which means it was used as a drug home and will be torn down.

"When I've called them, they've told me they're going to tear the house down. And nothing ever happens," said Pagington.

Neighbors hope the demolition or reconstruction doesn't take too much longer. Pagington said he wouldn't really burn the home down unless he was legally allowed to do so.

"I've done everything I can legally. Called, finally someone came out and did something. I'm tired, I'm just, I mow my lawn all the time, I understand money's money and they're not doing what need to be done. And I understand the money situation so it can get done," said Pagington.