Service dog returned after being stolen

Sabrina Taylor: Someone stole our son's service dog

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – One of the most important members of the Taylor family was stolen in broad daylight last weekend. Sabrina Taylor told Channel 4 when she arrived home Saturday, she saw someone loading their son's service dog into the back of their car. 

"I was afraid I wasn't going to get her back because she actually will tell me my son's going to seize," said Taylor. 

Taylor said the dog Roxy was stolen right out of the yard. Roxy is the Taylor's 7-year-old son, Clayton's, service dog. Roxy's job is to let the Taylor's know if Clayton needs help.

"My son could lose his life because we can't tell when he seizes.  He could seize in his sleep, which is mostly what he does, and he could not wake up, and of course she tells us, she bangs the door, she'll go through the door until you wake up to let you know something's wrong with Clayton," said Taylor. 

The Taylors immediately called police when Roxy was stolen from their yard Saturday. Roxy showed up at a neighbor's home a few days later and is now safely back home, but the Taylor's said the dog-napping taught them an important lesson.

"It's bad that I can't let her roam her yard and smell and play, and run, no. She's like one of the kids now, you have to keep her here because of someone's stupidity," said Taylor.