French Fry Heaven ramping up growth strategy

Jacksonville business looking to open four franchises in Northeast Florida

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – French Fry Heaven says it is ramping up its growth strategy with a new business opportunity. The franchise company recently launched its Area Operator program and already has signed multiple agreements through the new system.

The fry franchise started in Jacksonville, Florida in 2011. Now with twelve locations open, CEO and founder Scott Nelowet is expanding the concept in a big way, Area Operators have signed on to develop the franchise in Las Vegas, parts of New England and in several Southeastern states.

"I know French Fry Heaven will be a big hit wherever it comes to town, but I want to make sure each new store is fluent in everything fry," says Nelowet. "Area Operators are responsible for developing their territories by recruiting new franchisees and acting as their mentor. This program is a huge asset to store owners, but first Area Operators must completely and whole heartedly know the business model themselves."

The best and only way to understand the business, Nelowet believes, is by requiring that each Area Operator own at least one French Fry Heaven location. Franchisees are eligible to become Area Operators after demonstrating a high understanding of the concept and its culture. After signing an agreement, they are then responsible for recruiting prospective franchisees and generating interest in the opportunity in their chosen territory. As an incentive, Area Operators receive a two percent store royalty.

After a new prospect has signed on with the company, the company says the Area Operator acts more like a "guardian angel" answering any questions or concerns, and becoming the go-to contact for the new store owner. Area Operators are not responsible for the sales process, collecting fees or conducting training--those tasks are still performed by French Fry Heaven headquarters, known as "Paradise".

"I signed on to develop the New England market after I opened my first French Fry Heaven store in Boston, where I quickly realized that the simplicity and popularity of the product, paired with its unique culture, makes this franchise a great business venture throughout the entire Northeastern Seaboard," says Aramis Jordan. "I am looking forward to getting these crazy fries out there to more people by recruiting the right franchisees and acting as their big brother."

French Fry Heaven says it offers a unique franchise opportunity at a low start-up cost with maximum flexibility in location and operations. The brand seeks out franchisees and employees who have a history of community service. French Fry Heaven is looking for multi-unit operators that are driven to achieve and profit at the highest levels possible.

At the base of French Fry Heaven's menu are Belgian style fries (Angels) and sweet potato fries (Saints) that are crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Customers can choose any flavor ranging from salty to sweet, Cajun fries to caramel sweet potato fries. The fries are cooked hot and fresh, made with zero trans-fat, cooked in gluten-free oil and served in a cone.