Mich. bar hosts 'last call' for longtime worker

Tattooed bikers mingled with the chaplain at suburban Detroit's


It was truly "last call" for a man in Michigan, whose open-casket funeral was held in a bar.

Jimmy Lehr had wanted to be memorialized at the All Around Bar in suburban Detroit. Not only did he work there as a bouncer, but he also considered it his second home, The Associated Press reported.

Lehr died of pulmonary disease and congestive heart failure on Feb. 7.

Friends built his pine casket earlier this week. It was placed on the bar's dance floor Thursday, near the spot where he married his fourth wife in 1996.

The chaplain wore camouflage pants in honor of Lehr, an avid angler and hunter, and he was eulogized by the bar's owner, several of his four children and 10 grandchildren and even an ex-wife.

One of the bar's former servers called him "the brother I never had."

"This is where his heart was," Anne Marquette told the AP.