Dispatcher saves dad's life on her first day

Atlanta woman surprised to hear a familiar voice on the line

(Screengrab/ABC News)

A 911 dispatcher in Atlanta didn't know that her first day of work would hit so close to home.

Crystal Morrow she had answered about 40 calls that day, including a burglary in progress and a house fire.

But she was surprised when she heard a familiar voice on the other end of one of them, Atlanta TV station WAGA reported.

It turns out, Morrow's aunt had dialed 911 and Morrow picked up. Her father had gone into diabetic shock.

"I did freeze. My hands froze over the keyboard, but I knew I had to get the call in," she told WAGA.

Morrow walked her aunt through what she had to do and quickly got an ambulance to her father.

Her colleague said she handled the situation well.

"She took the entire call and then she got up after the call and stepped outside," Danielle Harvey told WAGA. "I went to check on her and told her to go see about her family."