Cops: Man fakes kidnapping; mom won't pay ransom

Tennessee woman called 911, saying her son had done this before

(Knox County Sheriff's Office via WBIR)

A man's fake kidnapping scheme backfired when his mom refused to pay the $200 ransom, police in Tennessee said.

Zachery Logsdon, 25, of Knoxville is accused of sending his mother text messages on April 18 that claimed his drug dealer was holding him against his will and would kill him if he didn't pay $200, the Tennessean reported.

Logsdon's mother told police her son had done this before, and she didn't believe him this time around.

So she called 911.

With her help, investigators set up a meeting to drop off the money and arrested Logsdon when he showed up, Knoxville TV station WBIR reported.

He's been charged with filing a false report and resisting arrest.

Bond was set at $3,500 -- a lot more than the $200 Logsdon had allegedly asked for.