Man delivers baby fawn from roadkill

Minnesota man saw something kicking at the deer's stomach from


It sounds unbelievable, but a fawn in Minnesota is alive thanks to a good Samaritan and his pocket knife.

Bill Schulte saw a deer get hit by a car on his way home from church Sunday.

He stopped to move the dead animal off the road when he noticed something peculiar.

Something was kicking at the deer's stomach from the inside. Grabbing his pocket knife, Schulte sliced into the deer's belly and delivered a baby fawn to freedom.

"I felt where the baby was, opened up, and pulled the baby out because the baby wanted to slide right out, and I cleared his throat, his airway, rubbing it, and it starting breathing; everything was cool," he told Minneapolis TV station KSTP.

The fawn was taken to a wildlife rehabilitation center, where it's expected to make a full recovery.

Watch the video below or by clicking here: