Beer thrown at tiger during drunken zoo party

Zoo officials say late-night zoo parties are getting out-of-


The London Zoo is under investigation after complaints that drunken, rowdy after-hours parties are endangering the zoo animals' safety. The Guardian reports that alcohol-fuelled incidents including a beer being thrown at a tiger, a drunken woman reportedly trying to enter a lion enclosure and a man stripping off his clothes and attempting to enter the penguin pool have raised concerns with zoo officials and the Westminster city council. A Friday night event series called "Zoo Lates" billed as a late night party with the animals where alcohol is served, is the root of the concern. At the events, it seems, the standards for the animals' well-being are not upheld the same way they are during regular zoo hours during the day. The council will decide whether serving alcohol at the parties, which draw upward of 6,000 people a night, is a good idea moving forward.