87-year-old nudist runs for sheriff

Wife blames Jon Stewart for influencing husband's decision to run


An 87-year-old nudist is running for sheriff in Washington State.

Dave Olinger of Oak Harbor, made the decision to run for mayor because of he desire to seek change in local politics, reports The Los Angeles Times.

The incumbent Island County sheriff, Mark Brown, was reportedly running unopposed and as a Republican, which Olinger said was not right.

Olinger said he originally wanted to run as a member of the nudist party, but settled for the Democratic party after learning the state didn't recognize the nudist party as a political organization.

"I think he watches too much of [The Daily Show's] Jon Stewart," his wife, Kay told the Whidbey News-Times.

Olinger has a political science degree from UC Berkeley and says he hopes to at least make the general election ticket.