Thousands of wasps found nesting on bed

Pest controller: Infestation was 'like the horror film 'Birds'

(John Birkett, Longwood Services Pest Control)

A pest control officer says he responded to a call of a wasp infestation in a home that was "like the horror film 'Birds' but [with] wasps."

ABC News reported that a monstrous colony of wasps invaded a home in the Worchester, Hampshire, U.K. John Birkett, an employee at Longwood Services Pest Control, said he got a call to respond to a nest that had taken over a bed in a spare bedroom in family's home, and the colony was devouring the bed.

When Birkett arrived at the house, he said told ABC News he "couldn't believe my eyes," referring to the nest of an estimated 5,000 wasps. In more than 40 years of working in the pest control business, Birkett said this was the largest nest he had ever seen.

The nest had grown so large because the family rarely uses the room on the second floor of their five-bedroom home, he said.

Birkett was able to eradicate all the wasps and said he was even able to salvage the crocheted blanket they were nesting on.