Feeling up to a monster 8,000-calorie breakfast?

Challengers must sign a waiver before partaking in the feast

(Facebook.com/Bear Grills)

If you're into food challenges, this one is a real monster.

Nobody has managed to finish the 8,000-calorie 'Hibernator Challenge' offered at the Bear Grills cafe in Congelton, England.

With eight sausages, eight slices of bacon, four hash browns, four fried eggs, a four-egg cheese omelet, four waffles, four black puddings, beans, tomatoes, mushroom, fries, four pieces of plain toast, four pieces of buttered, fried bread and finally a 32-ounce strawberry milkshake topped off with a giant dollop of whipped cream, this meal is...hearty.

There is a cash prize offered for anyone who finishes the oversized breakfast, which so far, is nobody.

Any challengers must sign a waiver form before delving into the greasy breakfast, in the event that they become sick while attempting to finish it.