Man types 103 characters in 47 seconds -- with his nose

23-year-old from India sets new nose-typing world record

(Shahed811/Wikimedia Commons)

Typing 103 characters in 47 seconds is pretty impressive.

But with your nose? That's world-record impressive.

Mohammed Khursheed Hussain, 23, of India already holds one typing world record, but set another when he banged out the following 103-character sentence in just 47.44 seconds with his hands tied behind his back.

"Guinness World Records has challenged me to type this sentence using my nose in the fastest time."

Hussain's first world record was for typing the English alphabet in just 3.43 seconds with his fingers, according to the Daily Mirror.

He said he practiced six hours every day for three years to hone his nose-typing skills.

"If you want to set a record, every millisecond counts," Hussain told the International Business Times. "This time I typed with one eye closed, as it is difficult otherwise to locate the keys."

Watch video of the feat below or by tapping here: