Apps to help you disconnect


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – We live in a world full of technology and often times we're interacting with the digital world more than the real world. For some, it may be time to put down the smart phone. Research shows the average smart phone owner picks up their device 150 times in a day, 1,500 times in a week, and spends more than three hours a day staring into its screen.

Put down the phone and live life face to face with smart apps like Mr. Offlime. While the app is up and running you can't check your email or Facebook account. The time you spend not on you smart phone allows you to gain points, move up levels, keep Mr. Offlime alive and allows you to enjoy life.

Another app, Moment, tracks how much you use your phone each day. You can set features like how often you want to be reminded of your usage, warning sounds if you go over your daily limit, and set the maximum amount of time you want to spend on your smart phone each day. The best part, it's an invisible app, so once you install it you'll never have to open it up again.

Another app, Pause, similar to Moment, allows users to reconnect with real life by essentially putting their phone on airplane mode. Pause makes staying off of your phone a competition by allowing you to compete and compare your time away from your device with your friends, seeing who is more addicted.