World of Nations event draws thousands

Metropolitan Park filled with representatives from more than 30 countries

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It's been a tradition in Jacksonville since the early 90s -- people in our area showing off their cultures. The city of Jacksonville put on the 23rd annual World of Nations Celebration at Metropolitan Park this weekend, where more than 30 countries showed off their culture and traditions.

Peru is just one of 30 countries at the celebration.

"We bring our handcraft from Peru everything made by hand," said Omar Sinti, representing Peru. "Peruvian food by hand."

The event is open to the public every year to explore cultures they've never been exposed to before. It features jewelry, food, clothes all unique to each country.

Antoinette Poole Hooper of Cupcake 50 says, "Everyone is not able to go to different countries to visit another culture to find out the different meanings of items that they may have different foods."

A great way to learn by experience.

"The high schools and the middle schools and elementary were here Thursday and Friday," Hooper says. "They were excited; enjoyed themselves.

Sunday closed the event, but many vendors say they will be back next year.