'Super Drew' will star in this weekend's sequel

First Baptist Church Orange Park holding 'Super Sunday 2: The Return of Drew'

ORANGE PARK, Fla. – Drew Wood, known by so many now as "Super Drew," is finally back at his Clay County home after spending nearly a month fighting for his life at Wolfson Children's Hospital. 

In fact, the 7-year-old superhero fan is doing so well, he will attend church services this Sunday as the star of "Super Sunday 2: The Return of Drew" at First Baptist Church of Orange Park.

Drew's mom and dad, Jon and Mandi, shared home video with News4Jax of Drew's long-awaited homecoming after 22 days at Wolfson. 

In July, the Wood family went to Sea World, excited Drew was almost finished with his treatments for a rare form of Leukemia. But, they had to rush Drew back to


Jacksonville and to the hospital when he had trouble breathing.

An invasive surgery to figure out what was wrong with him left the 7-year-old in ICU for 17 days total and in a recovery room for an additional 5 days.

It was the night before Drew was scheduled for the procedure that he made one wish, which was recorded on camera.  Drew said simply, "Pray for me."

His wish was heard by his parents, and they prayed. His wish was also heard by his church family at First Baptist Church of Orange Park. 


As Drew was in the hospital, the church held "Super Sunday" in his honor, wearing superhero clothing to support the boy's battle for life.

But it didn't stop there.  Drew's wish went viral.  Friends and strangers from around the world posted pictures of themselves in superhero attire and sent prayers for Drew on social media. 

His family says those prayer helped save their son. Drew's father, Jon, told News4Jax that an ICU physician expected Drew to need the ventilator for at least four weeks but Drew was off of it in just six days. 


When he was discharged from the hospital this month, he hitched a ride in a red wagon with a big smile on his face.

Just two days after getting home, Drew was back to being a kid.  He was in the backyard with his dad playing baseball. He was also able to just be a kid and spend some time fishing with his family.

Since he's been home, Drew's checkups have gone unbelievably well. In fact, one doctor has nicknamed him "Miracle Drew," amazed by his quick recovery.


Because he is doing so well, Drew will be able to start the second grade on Monday with the rest of his classmates. Donations from the church have allowed Jon and Mandi to go back-to-school shopping, something they are so thankful for.

He is also well enough to go back to his final Leukemia treatments.

Drew is looking forward to attending "Super Sunday 2: The Return of Drew" on Sunday at First Baptist Church of Orange Park. He will certainly dress the part and  he and his family will be at both the 9:15 and 10:45 a.m. services.


For more information check out the church's Facebook page.

Videos of milestones in Drew's recovery: