7.5 Reasons to VOTE NO on Referendum 1


$1.5 Billion more in Debt

Mayor Curry's Referendum 1 initiative will saddle Jacksonville with an additional $1.5 billion in debt (source).

If Mayor Curry is willing to trade fiscal responsibility for his fear of being known as the mayor who raised our taxes; I’ll somewhat oblige his game of Bill Clinton-esque wordplay. Shall we have a referendum defining “new tax” before we Vote No on Referendum 1?

I won’t oblige; however, from calling him the mayor who plunged Jacksonville into an unaffordable debt scheme.

Written by Arash Kamiar Arash is one of the publishers of MetroJacksonville.com and has his Masters in Public Policy from Jacksonville University. Connect with him at Arash@metrojacksonville.com and @ArashWaiting