Chances are, you're wearing a life jacket the wrong way

Freedom Boat Club's owner wants to make sure you are safe on the water


Our family joined the Freedom Boat Club a few months ago, and we love it.

Recently, we were out on the water tubing for the first time, and I received a text from the owner of Freedom Boat Club, Lisa Almeida.

She said she had just watched a video I posted online and wanted to let us know that we had our life jackets on wrong. Even though we had recently taken a boating safety class, we still made the mistake, which she said is way too common.

After my family's experience, News4Jax invited Almeida to contribute the article below to help keep you and your family safe.

Here is more from Lisa Almeida, owner of Freedom Boat Club:

I love boating so much it is not unusual for me to go out on rainy days. Why would a few clouds and raindrops keep me from experiencing the joy of boating?

But there is one factor from which I will not compromise: Great boating is safe boating. Period. No matter how much you might enjoy the freedom of boating and being out on the water, under the wide-open skies, there is no substitute for safety.

As a passionate advocate for watersports: tubing, wakeboarding, water skiing, etc., I cringe when I see someone who is not taking proper safety precautions.

One of the prime violations I will see all too often: people who are not wearing the proper life jackets. Just to emphasize what we should all know, if you’re on a tube, wakeboard, Zup board, water skis, any watersport, it is the law and requirement that you wear a life jacket.

But that is not enough. The life jacket must be a type that is approved for water sports. The label should read something like, “Legal for all recreational watersports.” Type II vests are not approved for tubing or any water activities. Here is my blog about different types of life jackets.

If you get pulled over, you will get a citation for wearing the wrong type of vest while engaged in water sports. More importantly, you want to be sure the people who are being pulled behind your boat have the proper safety equipment.

In addition to having the proper type of life jacket, it is just as important that it fit properly and is worn properly.

Check out the YouTube video below for a demonstration:

There are many reasons to love boating. Wearing a life jacket is not something you will find on my list, but it is a necessity. It is worth the time and money to invest in the proper safety equipment and make sure it is put into proper use.

Sunny day on a boat or rainy day, we all want to be around to enjoy the next day!