Dozens gather for 2nd annual Women at Werk Empowerment Conference

Women came together to share their stories of courage, faith, perseverance

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Behind every great woman is an amazing story, according to Stephanie Jones, the founder of Women at Werk.

Saturday was the 2nd annual Women at Werk Empowerment Conference. Dozens of women gathered to share their stories of courage, faith and perseverance.

"There's opportunities to dance, have fun and to let your hair down, and be honest and have fun," said Dr. Jacqueline Sherman, a psychologist.

Women are many things to the world, but often neglect themselves for others. Women put themselves first Saturday at the conference.

"An opportunity to connect with one another as well," Sherman said. "There's not as many opportunities to connect within the Jacksonville area, so this conference is just an opportunity to do that with one another."

Flowers and brights colors adorned in the WERK slogan served as a reminder of the beauty and go-getter spirit each woman has within. It was a conference filled with local business owners and talent from psychologists and doctors to mothers and artists, and hitting on tough topics, such as self-esteem, depression and abuse, and practical topics for starting a business and best marketing practices.

This year's conference has nearly doubled that from last year's inaugural event. It's a sign that women want more time to fellowship among themselves.

"It's a network. It's a sisterhood. It's women who have professional backgrounds, who have something to offer to society," said Siteria Gregory, owner of City Art Beauty Studio. "We are able to come and share that information and bring it back to our respective communities."

"All women, all ages who want to connect with other women in a loving way," Sherman said.

The conference ended with keynote speaker Vanessa Simmons, daughter of Rev Run from the group Run DMC. She is launching a new clothing line and beauty products.

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