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Restaurant tarnished by Landing mass shooting must close doors

3 killed, 10 wounded in August shooting at Chicago Pizza

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Six months after a mass shooting left three dead and 10 others wounded inside Chicago Pizza at The Jacksonville Landing, the restaurant has announced it's moving out.

The decision follows an agreement between the city and the owner of The Landing, Sleiman Enterprises, which turns The Landing over to the city.

The property could be demolished and redeveloped. An attorney for Sleiman Enterprises said the company was behind on rent, so they came to a mutual agreement.

Some visitors to The Landing, like Sam Coleman, say the feeling is bittersweet, knowing the venue is no longer what it once was.

"Ask people about Jacksonville and they'll speak of The Landing," Coleman said. "Sad to say they're speaking of the old Landing."

Coleman wasn't surprised to hear Chicago Pizza was closing its doors, which were locked Thursday. The co-owner of the restaurant said staff members must be out by Friday.

Michael Cobb, the co-owner of Accentuate Boutique at The Landing, said he is preparing for changes.

"Me and my wife, our faith is in God," Cobb said. "We know the reality is they (city leaders) plan to go in a different direction with The Landing, so we're prepared to move."

Cobb hopes his business can return to The Landing, should he have to move it. He said The Landing has a special place in his heart.

Chicago Pizza has several new locations it's considering. The restaurant did not specify when it might reopen, or if the new location would include the GLHF Game Bar, which was an attraction at its Landing location.

As of Thursday, about 20 businesses were still open at The Landing.