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Survey: Jacksonville Beach is most affordable to visit in US

St. Augustine Beach ranked 5th, Fernandina Beach ranked 30th

Photo of Jacksonville Beach during Oktoberfest
Photo of Jacksonville Beach during Oktoberfest

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – If you're searching the nation for the most cost-friendly beach, you'll be happy to know it's close by. Actually, there's a good chance you already live there.

According to a survey by HomeToGo.com, which is a vacation rental website, Jacksonville Beach is the most affordable beach destination in America.

As reported by the Jacksonville Daily Record, the survey listed 50 of the most affordable beaches. You'll be happy to know St. Augustine Beach came in fifth place, and Fernandina Beach was ranked 30.

The survey determined a day at Jacksonville Beach will run you just under $63 per person. A day in St. Augustine Beach will run you about $71, and a day in Fernandina Beach runs about $90.

To come up with the prices, HomeToGo considered the prices of parking, food, drinks and other accomodations.

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