$1.5M in gifts means Cummer Museum can hire garden curator

Long-time supporter Lory Doolittle gave a $800K gift to help fund the position


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens can now hire a garden curator after raising $1.5 million in private donations, including a generous $800,000 gift from Lory Doolittle.

The donations mean the museum can employ a garden curator, who will be in charge of finding ways to showcase the museum’s unique blend of beautiful galleries and gardens, among other things.

Adam Levine, chief executive officer for the Cummer, said Doolittle recognizes that the art pieces housed within the museum’s galleries are paralleled only by the quality of its outdoor masterpieces.

“With this gift, Lory Doolittle and her family help assure that the treasures of landscape architecture here at the Cummer Museum will be stewarded into the future,” Levine said in part.

Doolittle, a long-time supporter of the Cummer, has been heavily involved with the museum since moving to Jacksonville in 2004, including volunteering her time giving tours since 2013.

“With the help of a garden curator, (Nina) Cummer’s garden legacy will continue to enhance the Cummer Museum and educate the public,” Doolittle said of her donation.

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