Ghost towns of Duval County: Greenland

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Along with Bowden, Summerville, Nesbitt, Eaton, Pittsburg, Register and Clarksville, Greenland is one of several forgotten communities that sprouted up along the FEC railroad between Jacksonville and St. Augustine in the late 19th century.

Unlike the other communities that have largely disappeared over time and sprawl development, Greenland is a quiet and small ghost town that still exists.

Largely hidden from sight, despite 273,500 vehicles passing within walking distance each day, Greenland's scenery largely remains the same as it was one hundred years ago. Greenland was established after the civil war along the Old King's Road.

Still in operation, its Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church was established by freedmen in 1867. The King's Road was originally constructed by the British in the early 1770s to open the coast of Florida up for the establishment of plantations along nearby waterways.

Reverting back to wilderness by the time the United States took possession of Florida, it was rebuilt by the U.S. Army between 1828 and 1831.

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