Helpful apps military families should know about

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It can be stressful anytime a service member and their family moves or gets deployed. The Navy is turning to technology to help ease some of that stress and worry.

On Tuesday, Vice Admiral John Nowell, Chief of Navy Personnel joined “The Morning Show” to discuss the apps available to make life easier for service members and their families.

While some of these apps aren’t new, others were recently released.

MyNavy Family App: If you have an emergency at home and need help, this app will tell you who to call. Questions about your partner’s deployment? Use the app.

App Store - MyNavy Family

Google Play - MyNavy Family

My PCS Mobile app: Provides a personalized checklist tailored for an individual sailor’s move as well as the ability to apply for government housing and childcare at their next duty station.

App Store - Navy App Locker

Google Play - Navy App Locker

MyNavy Portal app: Not every sailor has a desk. In order for them to check any of their records, they need to use a computer with their credentials. This app allows them to check their records, pay stubs, file travel forms and more, using their phone.

App Store - MyNavy Portal

Google Play - MyNavy Portal

MyNavy UNIFORMS: Newly enlisted men and women often get confused about their uniforms: what to wear, when and how. Which side do the ribbons go on? This app explains it all.

App Store - MyNavy UNIFORMS

Google Play - MyNavy UNIFORMS

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