Children find way to honor Earth Day despite pandemic

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Wednesday was Earth Day and while celebrations were a bit muted, people all over the world found ways to talk about conservation and environmental protection.

Lessons that will hopefully create a practice to protect the planet.

A couple of Jacksonville children helped pick up trash on Earth Day, while social distancing. Their grandmother sent photos to News4Jax that show where there’s a will there’s a way.

After finishing their virtual homework, Julia and Nathan wanted to clean up for Earth Day.

They found the right equipment and were about to pick up trash from a distance.

The kids went down University Boulevard safely on the sidewalk and grandma said they had a great time doing it.

The family is hoping this motivates others who are able to safely do the same to take action to keep Jacksonville clean.

It’s never too late to celebrate Earth Day so maybe after this pandemic, you’ll be motivated by these cuties.

Check out earthday.org to see more virtual ways you can get involved.

Mapsoearthweek.org was created by students at Columbia High School in South Orange, New Jersey. There are live events happening the rest of the month that appeal to students. Click on events, to see what they’re doing each day and to participate in daily action items.

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