Brooks Rehab brings joy of mobility with custom new rides for children with disabilities

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Volunteers through Brooks Rehab are giving the gift of fun and mobility to local children with disabilities.

The Brooks Rehab Go Baby Go, First Coast Cruisers initiative takes battery-operated cars and customizes them for the little ones to enjoy.

This gives the children the chance to ride freely -- with confidence.

This year, 16 custom cars, which were decorated to meet each child’s interest, were given away.

“It is beyond anything I can imagine. It brings me so much joy,” event volunteer Ayshka Castro said. “When you see these kids who have never moved on their own for the first time be able to direct themselves, that freedom and that light in their eyes is just phenomenal.”

Jessie Kristof is Project Manager for First Coast Cruisers and said not only does this mean a lot to the children, it also means a lot to the parents as well.

“It’s really cool to see the caregivers. That’s what I always watch whenever they come in. I watch the caregivers’ faces to see how they light up, to see the tears, to see their child finally be able to play and participate with other kids,” Kristof said.

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