50th annual Shrimp Festival takes place

Wet weather over weekend doesn't put damper on festival

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FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. - The rain didn't keep people from getting their fair share of shrimp, artwork and fun. People were staying in high spirits as the rain continued into the weekend.

South Carolina artist Danny O'Driscoll is using his creativity to protect his artwork from the rain.

"I went to Walmart and got some shower curtains and wrapped them around so you could still see through, yet it protects my artwork," said O'Driscoll.

An early May Nor'easter is making it harder for the acrylic painter to keep his work safe and dry, but O'Driscoll said he's used to this.

"I've been here almost 25 years," said O'Driscoll. "About half of the shows."

Mother Nature began to bring the wet weather Thursday and it's still coming. Many were worried the 50th annual Shrimp Festival would be cancelled, but in year's past, there's been everything from record heat to tornado warnings.

Robert Beasley has been to nearly 35 festivals and can't believe the number of people that continue to come out in the rain.

"Looking down the street, there's still thousands of people here. I don't understand it," said Beasley. "Evidently they've never seen a shrimp!"

A lot of people said they like the rain, saying that it adds more fun to the festival. Even the pirates are taking the weather with a grain of salt.

"Oh well, we whether the storms all the time, we do."

Rain or shine, the Shrimp Festival fun will be going on all weekend long.

Shrimp Fest Rain

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